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IHUAQI believes that cooperating with customers, suppliers and leading players in the industry to face challenges together through a win-win strategy is essential in today’s business world. We strive to build more stable partnerships with our customers and suppliers and reinforce strategic cooperation with international and domestic mainstream operators. Furthermore, we will enhance our position in key international markets, strengthen partnerships with major suppliers, and improve our response speed and service advantages in our supply chain.

In addition, we will further cooperate with our industry peers on many levels to set up a future-oriented, secure, and win-win development framework. Through this, we aim to create greater value for our global customers. In the past few years, we have also initiated multi-level cooperation in several fields including technology, products and marketing in order to face risks and challenges together.

IHUAQI has formed numerous partnerships with oversea famous companies, and cooperates with them on the foundation of our self-developed technologies. We work closely with them to improve the time to market of our products, and to incorporate the latest technologies and best management practices into our company.

Seeking partners

IHUAQI is ready to enter into partnership with electronic products’ solution engineering service providers, value-added service providers, and equipment suppliers, and help them make full use of their own advantages, in order to create a win-win situation.

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