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We believe in cultivating our employees to realize their potential and become part of the success of the company.
We are dynamic, energetic and expanding, and our most important resource for growth is you.

Human resources

IIHUAQI emphasizes the ability to focus on customer service and requirements in the recruitment, promotion, training and performance evaluation of our employees.

IIHUAQI provides a dual career development path for our employees. Employees can also choose an appropriate career path for themselves according to their personal characteristics and reach their career goals by continuously improving their working skills.

Training & Development

IHUAQI is committed to building a learning organization, where we encourage continuous improvement in terms of working skills and performance.

Performance & Reward

IHUAQI emphasizes result-oriented performance management and strives to build a self-motivated, self-improving mechanism. Through continuously setting goals, coaching, appraising and communicating, managers help employees improve their performance and capability.

Our People

IHUAQI places great importance on the recruitment of its workforce and thanks to its exceptional employees who regard IHUAQI’s success as their own achievement.

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